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2017 Scholarship Recipients

by Thomas Nelson

The Least Among Us is proud to present four new scholarship recipients for the 2017 academic year.

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Joaquin is 17 years old and lives in Santo Domingo de Guzman. He is currently enrolled in a five year program to study industrial engineering at The University of Sonsonate (USO.)
Joaquin graduated high school with very good grades, and wants to study engineering in order to contribute to the economic development of Santo Domingo and to promote employment opportunities for others  in El Salvador. In his free time, Joaquin enjoys playing football and basketball.

Scholarship details: 
Monthly Stipend: $ 49.00
Tuition: $ 50.00 (twice a year)
Use of Laboratories: $ 20.00.
Transportation Cost: $ 3.00 per day. (6 days a week)

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Meysi Ramirez, at 21 years old, has recently graduated with a baccalaureate degree from the Educational complex at Santo Domingo de Guzmán, and has recently become a nursing technician at the Andrés Bello University.
Meysi is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Medicine from the New San Salvador University (UNASSA.)

Back at home, Meysi’s mother makes a living by creating ornamental mud pots and selling them in the squares and markets of the bordering municipalities.

Scholarship details:
Amount of the monthly fee: $ 60.00 (12 months)
Tuition Fee: $ 100.00 (twice a year)
Transportation cost: $ 6.00 per day (6 days a week)
Duration: 5 years

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Isaías Jheovani Ramírez López

At the age of 18, Isaias hails from the town of Canton El Caulote. Isaias desires to obtain a degree in public accounting. The Least Among Us helped Isaiah to study high school, and his final grades were excellent. Well above the average grade point average, TLAU decided to support his decision to enter the university. As the second child of six, Isaias’ family would not  have been able to send him to college, so it is with great pride and joy that his family sees him go. Isaias’ parents are farmers; they harvest corn, beans, millet, vegetables and fruits. Mrs. Lopez sells all the products that they harvest in the central market of Sonsonate. He and the rest of his brothers would help his parents with the field work and tend to the livestock in order to afford food, clothing and healthcare.

Duration: 5 years of study
University: University of Sonsonate (USO)
Monthly Stipend: $ 49.00 (12 months)
Tuition: $50.00 (twice a year)
Use of Laboratories: $20.00
Transportation Cost: $ 4.00 per day. (6 days a week)

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Jaqueline Estefani Ramírez García

Jaqueline is 21 years old, and also from Santo Domingo de Guzmán. She is studying to become a nurse technician. This process involves two years of education as well as six months of clinical rotations. Jaqueline only needs financial aid during these final 6 months, since she will not be paid during this residency. In the month of December she will graduate as nurse technician.

University: Universidad Andrés Bello
Monthly Stipend: $ 30.00
Transportation Cost: $ 4.00 per day (5 days a week)  



Two Classrooms Underway!

by John Nelson

Our current capital project at the Centro Escolar Católico, Presbítero Salvador Castillo Solorzano, in Izalco, Sonsonate. We are constructing two classrooms including a platform above for further expansion if necessary. These classrooms will serve kindergarten students.

Follow our Facebook Page for most up-to-date news and photos!

TLAU to replace leaking roof at Centro Escolar Católico San Jorge

by John Nelson

san_jorge_interiorHere are a few photos of a new project, Centro Escolar Católico San Jorge in Texistepeque, Santa Ana where 25 children ranging from 5 to 12 years old attend classes together. In the rainy season the children can’t attend classes on rainy days, owing to the large numbers of holes and cracks in the deteriorating roof. They need about $2,000 to replace the 85 square meters of roof over their classroom, and it looks like the generous donors at TLAU are going to make it happen!

If you’d like to see a few more photos, click on the pictures themselves or click here.


New project underway

by John Nelson

sanmateoThere’s a new project underway at the Centro Escolar Catolico San Mateo in Santiago Texacuango. More information and photos to follow…

Interestingly enough, the school is situated just around the corner from the hospital where Helping Hands Medical Missions works during their annual November trip. Helping Hands was previously profiled on our website.

TLAU Scholarship Recipients 2014: Say Hello to our Becados!

by John Nelson
Julio Ramírez and Isaías López, two new TLAU scholarship recipients for 2014, will start two-year trade programs this year thanks to the generosity of TLAU donors.

Julio Ramírez and Isaías López, two new TLAU scholarship recipients for 2014, will start two-year trade programs this year thanks to the generosity of TLAU donors.

Great news! Our Salvadoran field officer, Walter Ulloa, sent along a complete list of our scholarship recipients, or “Becados,” for the 2014 school year. There are a total of eight students, including two new scholarships for two talented young men, Isaías  López and Julio Ramírez. Visit the photo album page or see the embedded gallery on TLAU’s main webpage for pictures and a little more info about the students.









Classrooms Inaugurated at Pablo VI

by John Nelson
Father Keane officially blesses and dedicates the classrooms at Pablo VI

Father Keane officially blesses and dedicates the classrooms at Pablo VI

This past November, Father Keane was able to fly to El Salvador and attend the inauguration ceremony for the two classrooms at the Centro Escolar Pablo VI. Visit our photo album for more pictures of the event.

Just to remind you, the Centro Escolar Pablo VI is in the town of Nahuizalco in the department of Sonsonate about 90 kilometers from San Salvador.  When they approached TLAU and asked for help the school was already running at capacity, serving over 730 students from kindergarten through ninth grade with classes running morning through late afternoon.  Now, thanks to the generosity of TLAU donors, two brand-new classrooms are up and running and will be for generations to come. The school was strapped for space, so the classrooms were actually built on top of already existing ones.

On behalf of all the people of El Salvador, Father Keane, and Walter, I extend special thanks to parishioners at St. Mary’s in Goldsboro, the students at the University of Dallas, and quite a few anonymous and independent donors. We hope you like what you see!



Lenten Almsgiving: St. Mary’s Catholic School Students Give to the Poor

by John Nelson

St_Marys_2Heeding the call of Christ and taking to heart the meaning of Lent, about 240 youngsters at St. Mary’s Catholic School at Father Keane’s parish in Goldsboro, North Carolina decided to adopt The Least Among Us as their lenten service project.  The idea was really simple: just collect and donate the loose change lying around the house.  You know, the pennies lying in state with paper clips, tacks, and rubber bands in that old ash tray on the counter, the change you saw in the parking lot and shouldn’t have picked up but did anyway, those quarters that are too sticky to use in a vending machine after months at the bottoms of your cupholders.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it really adds up, in this case to over $550!

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI put it well: “In inviting us to consider almsgiving with a more profound gaze that transcends the purely material dimension, Scripture teaches us that there is more joy in giving than in receiving (Acts 20:35).  When we do things out of love, we express the truth of our being; indeed, we have been created not for ourselves but for God and our brothers and sisters (2 Cor 5:15).  Every time when, for love of God, we share our goods with our neighbor in need, we discover that the fullness of life comes from love and all is returned to us as a blessing in the form of peace, inner satisfaction and joy.”

The funds were used to purchase backpacks and school supplies for their brothers and sisters in El Salvador.



Spring Project: Two Classrooms at Paul VI School in Nahuizalco

by John Nelson

After many years spent changing lives and improving communities outside of our department of origin (Sonsonate, the department or state containing the pueblo of Santo Domingo de Guzman where I first visited El Salvador), The Least Among Us will turn its attention, thanks to its generous donors, to the Paul VI school in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate.  Nahuizalco is located approximately 90 kilometers from the capitol San Salvador (see google map below), and is home to a population consisting of mostly indigenous Salvadorans who still speak their native Nahuatl language.  The school, serving over 730 students from kindergarten through ninth grade, is already running at capacity with classes running morning through late afternoon.  Although the school has room for two badly needed additional classrooms, the local agrarian community simply cannot afford the construction costs…that is, without the help of The Least Among Us!

Please continue to follow construction progress through this newsfeed, the Facebook page, and the Picasa photo album.

Thanks to friends, family, Father Keane’s parishioners at St. Mary’s in Goldsboro, and quite a few anonymous donors for making this project possible.  Special thanks to the students at the University of Dallas, whose Charity Week 2012 proceeds will fund construction of an entire classroom.


Pablo VI students: “Thank you for your help.”


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TLAU Becados 2013: Pictures and Profiles

by John Nelson

TLAU donors do a lot to help our sponsored students, so I thought it appropriate to provide a closer look at them with a picture and other information, including history, course of study, and aspirations.  Visit our sponsored students page for more information about each student.  We have a total of eight students for the 2013 academic year. Enjoy!