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Focusing on providing resources that allow children to improve themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Latest News

TLAU to replace leaking roof at Centro Escolar Católico San Jorge

Here are a few photos of a new project, Centro Escolar Católico San Jorge in Texistepeque, Santa Ana where 25 children ranging from 5 to 12 years old attend classes together. In the rainy season the children can’t attend classes on rainy days, owing to the large numbers of holes and cracks in the deteriorating [...]

New project underway

There’s a new project underway at the Centro Escolar Catolico San Mateo in Santiago Texacuango. More information and photos to follow… Interestingly enough, the school is situated just around the corner from the hospital where Helping Hands Medical Missions works during their annual November trip. Helping Hands was previously profiled on our website.

TLAU Scholarship Recipients 2014: Say Hello to our Becados!

Great news! Our Salvadoran field officer, Walter Ulloa, sent along a complete list of our scholarship recipients, or “Becados,” for the 2014 school year. There are a total of eight students, including two new scholarships for two talented young men, Isaías  López and Julio Ramírez. Visit the photo album page or see the embedded gallery on TLAU’s [...]

2014 Scholarship Recipients

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